Whānau Mārama

System Mapping 

Ancestral trauma creates family patterns that run through our lives and can seem impossible to shift. Whānau Mārama System Mapping helps you to realise and release these patterns, freeing you to live your life - happy, healthy and whole.

The knowledge of seeing and understanding the systemic patterns and the journey you have taken to arrive where you are in life, is an empowering force and moves you into the state of mana motuhake. Mana through control over your own destiny. 

These are BIG times we are living through and now, more than ever, we need to be healing ourselves, and our systems, to release resistance and to shine bright. Not just for ourselves and our family, but for all of humanity.

This work opens up a space for individuals to come together as a collective for positive change.

With respect, honour, humility and aroha we gather to map patterns within a container of wisdom, energy and knowing.

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On-line Sessions

This process works amazingly well in an online space.

We can map any system you would like to explore,

and offer healing, clarity and direction.

Video calls are made on Zoom or Facebook Messenger.

Sessions last up to 1.5 hours, and need a private room for you to work in.

Cost of $150.

Upcoming Workshops

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Saturday April 2nd

12.30 - 4.30pm

EastBay REAP

Pyne Street

Small share plate please


*reach out to discuss payments if needed*




Payments to 02 - 0388-0025959-001

Tu Maia Community Development

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